Blik in Di Welt №8

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Canada. Loading logs onto machines. Cranes are working. Logging. Cars with logs on the way. France. An amphibious all-terrain vehicle, made in the USA, travels by sea and land. A group of people examines the all-terrain vehicle. Spain. Snow-covered houses. A flock of sheep on a road cleared of snow. Children playing snowballs. India. Youth at the skating rink. Couples dancing waltz on ice. Sailboats in the Caribbean. USA. Cowboy taming and riding competition with wild horses and bulls. Moments of a football match between the teams of Cologne and Berlin. Participants in the bobsleigh competition at a distance. International ski jumping competition. Boxing meeting at the Berlin Sports Palace; German and Dutch boxers in the ring. Dutch athlete at the airport says goodbye to his family before leaving for the United States. Moments of the competition of athletes on water skiing. Workers and employees of the textile industry on vacation: vacationers have dinner in the dining room of the Holiday House, playing cards. GDR. French Foreign Minister J. Bidault and his wife visiting the sights of Berlin. GDR. Celebrating Valentine's Day. Costumed participants of the holiday present flowers to the wife of J. Bidault, artists, children in kindergarten.
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rural settlements
, automobile transport
, public leisure facilities
, livestock
, timber industry
, sea transport
, skiing
, water sports
, germanyeastern
, political connections
, sanjsport
, cities
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