Blooming Bashkiria

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A film about the achievements in industry, agriculture, science and culture in Soviet Bashkiria. River valley with forest-covered banks. Felling wood. The tractor is carrying the logs. Wood alloy. South Ural mountain range. Blasting operations in an iron ore quarry. Development of brown coal in the Alsheevsky region, copper ore deposits. The work of a gold processing enterprise. Oil production at the Ishimbaevskoye field. Workshops of the reconstructed Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant. Production of motors for combines at the Ufa Motor Plant. Cleaning oats on the collective farm field. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Rustam Akhmedzyanovich Gadylshin examines grain. At the apiary of the Kalinin collective farm, beekeepers are busy with beehives, pumping honey. The Smychka collective farm breeds cows of a rare Simmental breed. Horse farm with a herd of foals. Breeding flocks of sheep and goats graze on pastures. The peasant women of the collective farm [Nuriman] are combing out the fluff, spinning wool, knitting shawls. Rural street. An electrician conducts electricity to wooden houses. A new large house is being built. City Ufa. The house where V.I. Lenin with N.K. Krupskaya. Transport movement. Monument to V.I. Lenin in the park. City Park Freedom with a pond, a fountain, sculptures, with the burial place of those who died during the revolution and the Civil War. The building of the Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute named after K.A. Timiryazev. At the medical institute, a student [Syuyumbike Sabitova] is taking her final state exam. In the steppe sanatorium, vacationers drink kumis, play outdoor games. Collective farmers of the Dyurtyulinsky district celebrate the Day of Bountiful Harvest. [Athletes parade].
Alexander Litvin
Film ID
higher professional education
, extractive industry
, railroad transport
, road transport
, rural settlements
, urban transport
, collective farms
, energy
, agricultural engineering
, livestock
, spa assistance
, beekeeping
, metallurgy
, museums
, forestry
, landscapes
, cities
Number of Parts
Gilvan Amirov
Other Creators
music maker GS Hamburg, sound engineer A. Truck
Release Date
Has Sound

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