Blooming Order-Bearing Region

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A film about the collective farms of the Moscow region. Moscow city. Kremlin embankment. Kremlin. Party and government leaders IV Stalin, LM Kaganovich, AI Mikoyan, SM Budyonny, NA Bulganin and AA Andreev pass through the Kremlin. Buildings of the hotel "Moscow", metro station "Dynamo". New residential buildings on Gorky Street. Crimean bridge. Moscow region. Cartoon map of the Moscow region. Buildings and production shops of the Elektrostal plant, the Kolomna steam locomotive plant, the Voskresensk chemical plant, the ZIS plant. Hall of honor and the building of the board of the collective farm named after Ilyich. General view of the village. Maternity hospital building and wards; the doctor talks with women in labor; newborns in cribs. Collective farmers receive money from the savings bank. Collective farm outpatient clinic. The guys in the kolkhoz kindergarten. General view of the village of the collective farm "Krasnaya Zarya". A herd of cows in a pasture by the river. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, milkmaid E. D. Nartova, noble milkmaid N.P. Persiyantseva milking cows on the farm. Loading milk cans into a boat, a freight train car. Automatic line for filling milk into bottles. Livestock farm and stables of the Lesnye Polyany state farm; machine milking of cows. Exercises of anti-aircraft chemical defense during harvesting on a collective farm field; collective farmers work in gas masks; horse racing. The team-based collective farm "May Day" issues work orders. Collective farmers weeding vegetables. Sprinkler irrigation systems work in fields with cabbage and potatoes. Breeder A. G. Lorkh in the field among collective farmers. The tractor mower is working. The collective farmers are stirring up hay, raking the grass with a rake. A meeting of collective farmers. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR I. I. Klenov among collective farmers. Collective farmers in class at the agricultural school named after L. M. Kaganovich. Collective farmers vote at a polling station. Collection of strawberries, currants, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples in farms near Moscow. Flax harvesting machines work on flax harvesting. The collective farm's cherry orchard. Collective farmers in the collective farm restaurant, library. Clubhouse; violinist D. Oistrakh is performing in the club.
I. Kopalin
Film ID
urban transport
, automobile transport
, livestock
, preschool education
, reclamation
, automotive industry
, plant growing
, medical services for the population
, metallurgy
, collective farms
, club type institutions
, rural settlements
, chemical industry
, finance
, civil defense
, money turnover
, public catering
, railway engineering
, railway transport
, electoral system
Number of Parts
V. Soloviev, V. Eshurin, V. Frolenko, D. Plaksin
Other Creators
music producer B. Mokrousov, sound engineer R. Khalushakov, D. Ovsyannikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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