Boi Pod Veližem

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Kalinin Front, September 19-20, 1943 The Dukhovshchinsko-Demidov operation, which is part of the Smolensk strategic offensive operation (Operation Suvorov) by the troops of the Kalinin Front under the command of General of the Army Andrei Ivanovich Eremenko. Units of the 4th Shock Army under the command of Major General Vasily Ivanovich Shvetsov are conducting offensive battles on the city of Velizh. Types of a shot down German aircraft that burns at the edge of the forest and tree trunks in the forest, damaged as a result of Soviet artillery shelling of an enemy position on the outskirts of the city. Detachments of Soviet soldiers are making their way through the rubble of trees. Red Army men are ferried on a raft across the Western Dvina. Partially destroyed temporary river crossing. There is smoke from the explosions of shells over the river. The mortar crew fires at the enemy. Barrels of fuel thrown by the Nazis in Velizh during the retreat. Views of the city of Velizh in ruins, incl. destroyed Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, the building of the town hall in the central square of the city.
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the great patriotic war
, forcing water barriers
93,7 (общ. 318,3)
K.I. Piskarev
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