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The film tells about the destruction of monuments in Russia. People are breaking the monument to F. Dzerzhinsky in Moscow. Writer A. Adamovich at the monument. Chronicle footage: workers are breaking the monument to Alexander II in the Kremlin; participants of the III International on the wreckage of two-headed eagles - symbols of the Russian Empire; among those present NI Bukharin, GE Zinoviev, soldiers of the Red Army take icons out of the church; explosion of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The guide leads an excursion to the Alexander Garden in Moscow; tells the story of the appearance of the obelisk to revolutionary thinkers (synchronously). Chronicle footage: V. I. Lenin speaks from the rostrum at the opening of the monument "Liberated Labor" on May 1, 1920 in Moscow; at the laying of a monument to Karl Marx on May 1, 1920 in Moscow. NS Khrushchev opens a monument to K. Marx. Fragments of military parades and demonstrations on Red Square in different years of Soviet power. Representatives of the Russian leadership B. N. Yeltsin, A. V. Rutskoy, others on the podium during a rally in Moscow in August 1991. Passers-by walk on Arbat Street in Moscow. Speakers speak at a rally on October Square in Moscow (synchronously); participants are holding portraits of Stalin and Lenin. Sculptures of historical figures in the theater of wax figures "Tetris". A homeless man on a pedestal - a former monument to Ya. M. Sverdlov.
A. Khoryakov
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social and political movement
, state and public holidays
, state power
, protection of the state building
, situation of various populations
, cities
, anniversaries
, ground troops
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A. Zaitsev
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