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A film-reflection on such a phenomenon of urban life in St. Petersburg as a booth. The film uses the following filming: 1 part. A view of one of the St. Petersburg courtyards, a tent with the People's Democratic Party "Rolling discs", a view of a booth next to an old building on one of the city streets, a guard in a booth, a girl-artist paints a portrait of a guard; general view of the booth on the square, a woman in the booth is talking on the telephone, a tram is passing along the street, a girl-artist is drawing a portrait of a woman in the booth; interior view of one of the metro stations; view of the booth-tent with the NDP "Shoe Repair", inside the booth sits a shoemaker, works. Part 2. A young shoemaker Rufat sits in the booth, smokes; view of various booths-tents on the streets of St. Petersburg, incl. on Konyushennaya Square; view of a boat station in one of the city districts; the man takes a chair out of the booth, sits down; interior view of the booth; general view of one of the new districts of the city, built up with multi-storey buildings; the movement of vehicles on transport overpasses; view of a holobeat, pigeons in the sky, on the roof of one of the high-rise buildings; booth-tent with the NDP "Shoe Repair", the shoemaker Varuzhan repairs shoes, the look of finished shoes on the shelf, Varuzhan washes himself in the street, examines his portrait painted by a girl-artist; views of St. Petersburg - the embankment of the Neva, the Peter the Great bridge, the movement of vehicles on the highway, the view of one of the construction sites, the guard of the parking lot of the Polytechnic Institute at the booth, the interior of the booth, security guard Valera tells (sinhr.) about her life; view of the security booth in front of the entrance to one of the parks in St. Petersburg. Part 3: General view of the booth and the barrier before entering the park, the barrier rises and the motorcyclist drives into the park, security guard Valera and his son walk along the park path; view of the watchman's booth at the construction of a mini-hotel, student Konstantin working as a watchman, in the booth room, the interior of the watchman's booth; Konstantin tells (sinhr.) What was in this booth before him; general view of the railway booth at one of the crossings; interior view of the booth, female railroad workers in the booth, one of the women lowers the barrier, a queue of cars at the crossing, a woman sweeps debris off the rails at the crossing with a broom, lets a passenger train pass; a woman on duty at a metro station in her booth; man in the booth.
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urban transport
, automobile transport
, everyday life
, parks
, cities
, railway transport
, painting
, consumer services
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S. Huseynova
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