Border at the Gates of Moscow

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Coat of arms of the USSR on the border post. Photos of the protection of the state border in various regions of the country, on land and at sea. Moscow. Sheremetyevo airport". Aircraft on the runway. Colonel of the Border Troops AS Gordeev with representatives of the airline in the airport hall. Passengers go down the ladder. Unloading baggage. Border guards at the plane. Stained glass windows with emblems of airlines from different countries: British, Indian, French. Passport control. Officer checking entry visas. Checking passports. An ambulance at the plane. Doctor-epidemiologist V. A. Gordienko gives interviews (synchronously). Medical control point. International medical certificate. Medical control. Verification of documents. A border guard officer is sorting through a pile of anti-Soviet literature. A suitcase with literature. Cache. Literature in a special belt, underwear. A plant quarantine worker examines an orange. Affected apples, oranges. Plant quarantine inspector VS Statsenko gives interviews (synchronously). Inspectors check boxes of peaches and papaya. Examination by a veterinarian of a poodle, a monkey in a cage, a sable. Wild beasts from other countries. International veterinary certificate. Border guards are giving flowers to D. Lolobrigida, who arrived in the USSR. Seizure from smugglers of belts and bags with money, icons hidden on TV, under the cover of a book, in a suitcase, pearls, gold necklaces, coins, weapons.
W. Mann
Film ID
medical services for the population
, international connections
, air transport
, protection of state borders
Number of Parts
R. Trishin, L. Belyakov
Other Creators
Screenplay V. Alexandrov
Release Date
Has Sound

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