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The film sketch tells about the best practices of chemical enterprises in improving labor protection conditions and social and cultural services for workers. Production processes at enterprises of the chemical and petrochemical industries. General view of the building of the enterprise "Chlorvinyl" of the Kalush Production Association. Classes on technical safety at the association: the employees of the enterprise study the means of extinguishing the fire, in practice they learn to provide first aid - they apply bandages. Balakovo production association "Khimvolokno". Production processes in the workshops of the enterprise. Panorama of the dispensary building. Internal premises of the dispensary. Employees of the company, who are undergoing treatment in the dispensary, relax in the lobby, undergo a medical examination, during which the pressure is measured, an ECG is done, they receive the necessary physiotherapy procedures, and are engaged in the exercise therapy room. General view of the building of the children's hospital, built with the funds of the production association. Doctors, during a morning round in one of the wards, examine young patients. Children are engaged in physiotherapy exercises in a special room, sculpt, draw under the guidance of a teacher. The nurse leads the recovered child to his mother, who meets him. Children ride a skating rink. Training of young skaters. Training of young athletes, fencers, gymnasts in the gym. Hockey match between teams "Khimik" (Voskresensk) and "Sokol" at the stadium "Khimik". General view of the stadium "Khimik" in Voskresensk. General view of a new residential area in one of the cities of the chemical industry. Construction of a residential building: bricklayers are laying bricks. Members of a young family: parents and four young children are sitting in the room at the table, drinking tea. A sign on the building “Dormitory No. 9 of the Cherkasy Chemical Fiber Plant named after the XXII Congress of the CPSU. Girls in Ukrainian national clothes with wreaths on their heads are handing bread and salt to the newly arrived girls at the hostel. Manufacturing processes at the plant. General view of the factory canteen, where tables are set for dinner. Pupils of the kindergarten of Balakovo Production Association "Khimvolokno" go from a walk, play in a group. Pupils of nurseries in the arena. In the playroom with toys. The teacher works with children. General view of the children's bedroom. Children sit on pots in the toilet. A pleasure boat sails along the Black Sea in Anapa. View of the pioneer camp "Golubaya Dal" in Anapa, owned by the Klin production association "Khimvolokno". Children at the pioneer lineup, on the beach, during the Neptune festival. The building of the Kalush House of Culture of Chemists. Amateur artists rehearse with their leader. Solemn meeting of the staff of the Resurrection Production Association "Minudobreniya" on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the enterprise. Speech by the Minister for the production of mineral fertilizers Petrishchev. Presentation of awards to employees of the enterprise. Presentation of a loaf of bread and a sheaf of wheat to the minister. Production processes in the workshops of the enterprise. A doctor in a maternity hospital listens to a newborn baby. A girl is dancing on the beach at the pioneer camp. Boys in the gym are jumping on a trampoline. City street, vehicles are passing by, people are walking. Monument to V. Lenin.
V. Kudryachy
Film ID
medical services for the population
, fencing
, labor
, out-of-school education
, figure skating
, everyday life
, public catering
, hockey
, preschool education
, gymnastics
, acrobatics
, artistic activities
, cities
, chemical
, petrochemical industry
Number of Parts
V. Slyusarenko, V. Fedorov
Other Creators
V. Radushinsky, A. Trendelev
Release Date
Has Sound

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