Breath of Air

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A film about the consequences caused by the release of industrial waste from the Orenburg gas processing plant into the atmosphere on the night of April 25-26, 1988. Orenburg region, village Muzhichya Pavlovka, collective farm named after P.A. Kobozeva, end of November 1988. View of the smoking chimneys of the Orenburg gas processing plant, located in the immediate vicinity of the village of Muzhichya Pavlovka. The villagers talk about the systematic poisoning of people, including children, by emissions of hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere; about the failure to take measures by the plant management and the authorities (sinhr., behind the scenes). The director of the plant, Vladimir Ivanovich Vakulin, says that the ecological situation is under control; in the future, it is possible to reduce emissions into the atmosphere (sync.). Pupils at school desks. Gas masks issued to children by the decision of the executive committee of the local council, on the backs of chairs. View of abandoned rural houses. Newsreel footage: 1973 - Orenburg region. Construction of the Orenburg gas processing plant. 1978 - Orenburg region. A rally dedicated to the completion of the construction of the 3rd stage of the Orenburg gas processing plant.
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Film ID
environmental protection
, industry
, rural settlements
, bypopulation
Number of Parts
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Other Creators
P. Gerasimenko, D. Flegontov, N. Sharapov, I. Nifonova, B. Kozhin, A. Birman
Release Date
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