Bridge Detachment-51

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The film sketch tells about the construction of a new bridge across the Volga in the city of Ulyanovsk by the forces of "Mostootryad" No. 51. Part 1 G. Ulyanovsk. Spring. Cars, buses go along the road. The freight train is going along the old bridge across the Volga. The motor ship sails along the Volga. Rooks' nests in the trees. Concrete plant - the production base of Mostootryad No. 51. A truck with a concrete mixer leaves the factory gates. The dispatcher at work. Concreting of a bridge. Work in the laboratory. Checkpoint. Work in the reinforcement shop. Welders at work. Work on melting - edging and cutting machines in the procurement department. Spot welding machine is working. Manufactured frame. Transportation of the frame. A pontoon with machinery and equipment is on the Volga. A crane on tracks moves along the pontoon, the pipe is lowered into the water. The boat approaches the pontoon. The head of the 51st Mostootryad Alexander Ivanovich Protsko is holding a planning meeting in his office. Cr. plan - pennant "For successes in the construction of BAM" 2 part G. Ulyanovsk. February. Bridge construction area. Icebreaker "MB-1218" sails, cutting the ice, the captain is in the wheelhouse. Unloading building material onto the pontoon. Crane on a pontoon. Welding works on the pontoon. The village of bridge builders, boys are passing by on bicycles, schoolchildren with schoolbags are standing by the blossoming apple trees. A new multi-storey building, built by Mostootryad No. 51. June 1991, Mostootryad No. 51 commissions another new house. The tractor is driving through the yard of the new house. Children are at the entrance. A Zhiguli car is going by. Children play on the playground. A young family with a baby stands at the house. Housewarming: men unload furniture from a tractor trailer. The dog sits next to the sandbox in the playground. Children on a swing. General view of the residential village of bridge builders. Men train in the sports hall of the Mostootryad. Athletes in the bath, drinking tea in the rest room. The head of the directorate of the bridge under construction, Viktor Isaevich Vasilyev, talks about the tasks in the construction of a bridge crossing in his office. Traffic on the old bridge. B / w c / t: 1980s, the icebreaker sails along the ice-covered river.
B. Volkov
Film ID
automobile transport
, building
, sports
, river transport
, special transport
, restcitypopulation
, rest for children
, cities
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
B. Volkov
Other Creators
V. Antonov, V. Popov, B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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