Bridge over the Vistula

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1st Belorussian Front, Poland, Warsaw district, March, 1945. View of the railway bridge over the Vistula destroyed by the Germans. Against the background of the bridge, Major General of the Technical Troops Valentin Pavlovich Tisson, Assistant Commander of the Brigade for the Technical Part of the Guard, Engineer Lieutenant Colonel Erokhin, Commander of the 2nd Bridge Battalion, Guard Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Ivanovich Zheltikov, Deputy for the Political Affairs of the Guard Major Bocharov. Different plans for the construction of the bridge: the beginning of blasting operations, the crane lifts the load, the rolling of spans, the work of the bridge crane-train, the construction of supports and embankments. The Polish population provides assistance in the work. View of the new bridge, decorated with green branches and portraits of I.V. Stalin and V.I. Lenin. Type of posters: “THE WAY IS OPEN! FORWARD TO BERLIN! ”,“ TO THE HEROES WHO RESTORED THE BRIDGE, GLORY! ”,“ OUR WAY ONE - TO BERLIN ”. On the front platform of the steam locomotive: Chief of the Railway Troops of the 1st Belorussian Front, Hero of Socialist Labor, Guards Lieutenant General Nikolai Vladimirovich Borisov, Minister of Propaganda of the Provisional Polish Government Matushevsky, Head of the Political Department of the Railway Troops of the 1st Belorussian Front, Lieutenant Colonel Avraam Solomonovich Moldavsky, Mayor Varshevsky Marian Spychalsky. View of a moving train on the bridge.
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the second world war
, foreign countries (poland)
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V. Tomberg
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