British Agricultural Delegation to the Soviet Union

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Moscow, Gorky street. Arrival in Moscow of the British agricultural delegation, headed by the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food D. Nugent. Meeting at the airport. Among the greeters, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the USSR P. Kuchumov. P. Kuchumov, D. Nugent are speaking. Visiting the sights of the Moscow Kremlin, visiting the Armory, visiting the Grand Kremlin Palace, Lenin's office. Inspection by guests of the pavilion of agricultural crops during a visit to VDNKh. The pavilion of mechanization and electrification. Agricultural machines in the pavilion. Meeting with the President of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences T. Lysenko. Visiting guests of Moscow State University, conversation with the rector of the university, academician Petrovsky. Big theater. British guests at the ballet "Giselle". Starring G. Ulanova. The members of the delegation talk with the ballet participants. Leningrad. Embankment. Winter Palace. Smolny. Monument to Peter I. Members of the delegation visiting the Hermitage. Museum exhibits. Meeting guests with academician P. Zhukovsky during a visit to the Institute of Plant Industry. Delegates to the Institute's Microbiology Laboratory. The city of Kiev. Monument to B. Khmelnitsky, N. Shchors, T. Shevchenko. Delegates visiting the city, visiting the Stalin collective farm. The city of Odessa. Lysenko Institute. Conversation of the guests with the staff of the institute. City of Simferopol. Meeting guests by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine Alekseenko. Crimea. The building of the new sanatorium. Dining room. Members of the delegation visiting the pioneers of Artek, visiting the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. The city of Rostov. Square. Agricultural engineering plant. Harvester workshop. The guests walk through the shop, visit the plant's kindergarten. Regional agricultural exhibition. Guests visiting the cows, nutria, the fruits of the collective farm melons, visit the collective farm named after Stalin in the Aksai region, the vineyards of the state farm "Reconstructor". The city of Stalingrad. Delegates to the Mamayev Kurgan, visiting one of the collective farms of the Stalingrad region. Alma-Ata. Visit to the temple, artel named after Michurin. Voronezh machine and tractor station. Guests to inspect cars. Collective farm "Kuban". Director of MTS Strizhak talks with guests. Members of the delegation at the regional agricultural exhibition in the village of Kubanskaya, in the feed preparation shop of the Mayak Revolution collective farm, visiting the cowshed at the Ventsy-Zarya state farm, visiting the Voskhod stud farm. Sochi. The streets of the town. Delegation at the experimental station. Citrus trees. Matsesta hydropathic establishment. The delegates are in the bath, talking with the inhabitants of the sanatorium, sunbathing, riding a boat. Moscow. Reception of members of the delegation at the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Kuchumov. Seeing off at the airport.
I. Setkin
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economic communications
, science
, out-of-school education
, exhibitions
, agricultural engineering
, livestock
, higher education
, spa assistance
, botany
, museums
, theatre
, preschool education
, higher state bodies
, specialized machine stations
, plant growing
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I. Gutman, G. Epifanov, S. Kiselev, V. Kopalin, L. Kotoshvili, E. Legat, V. Troshkin
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There is no data
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