Brother for a Week

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The film tells about the problem of drug addiction. The main character of the film talks about himself, how he became a drug addict (per frame), about the fight against this serious illness. The film shows a rehabilitation center in one of the villages in the mountains of North Ossetia / where drug addicts undergo treatment. Part 1. Panorama from a tall pine tree to the mountains, to a village in the mountains. The young man - the hero of the film tells (off-screen) about how he became a drug addict. A man walks along the road, chases a cow and a calf. An elderly woman is sitting on the terrace of a house, sewing something from sheepskin, and a man is standing next to him smoking. The hero of the film walks along the road. The fog swirls over the mountains. Type of houses in the village. One of the leaders of the rehabilitation center talks to people who are undergoing drug addiction recovery course at the center: he says that faith in God will help to cope with drug addiction. All those present in the room are talking, praying, calling out to God (sinhr.). One of the men plays the guitar and sings (sync.). The men hug each other and disperse. The hero of the film is sitting in a room, books are on the table. A woman walks among the thickets of grass. Men are sitting in the street, an elderly woman comes up to them. Chickens are running around in the yard. A view of a house on the side of a mountain that houses a drug rehabilitation center. The hero of the film in the room, reads the Gospel aloud, everyone in the room listens (sync.). One of the men is trying to analyze what he heard and express his attitude to what he read, addressing everyone in the room. General view of a dilapidated house, an old collapsed fence. The man talks about how hard it is to come to faith, talks with a young man from a rehabilitation center. Another young man talks about how the evangelists carried the word of God (sinhr.) About Jesus Christ. All those present while reading the Bible are trying to understand the words of the Old and New Testaments. There were sheep walking along the road. Water runs in a mountain river, thunder rumbles in the mountains. A young man carries buckets of water in the rain. Type of houses in the village. The dog lies on the road in the rain. A man cooks in the kitchen of a rehabilitation center, talks about God, about faith (sinhr.). Porridge in a saucepan on the stove. Young people are sorting buckwheat on the stove on the table, talking. Internal furnishings of the room in which the patients of the Center are. The hero of the film talks (per frame) about how he became a drug addict. 2 part. A group of young people - patients of the Center and an elderly woman in the room. The young man reads the Gospel aloud to everyone present. One of the leaders of the Center says that each of those present, when they leave the Center, is waiting and tempting the devil on the plain. The audience listens, everyone prays together. The head of the Center pronounces the words of the prayer (for the frame and sync.). A group of men and an elderly woman in the room. One of the men present plays the guitar and sings (sinhr.). A panorama of the house in the village where the rehabilitation center for drug addicts is located. Young people in one of the premises are engaged in simulators. One of the guys raises a barbell in a prone position. A young man looks at the street from a window with a lattice. General view of a mountain landscape (filmed from the top), peasant allotments of land. The rooster pecks food from the saucer. The kind of road a man is walking on. Panorama of peasant plots, enclosed by fences. Panorama from the road to the peaks of the mountains covered with snow. A young man walks down the street, a woman stands in a vegetable garden. Behind the scenes, there is a story of the hero of the film about how easy it was to get drugs from the Ingush, while the police turned a blind eye. General view of the village in the mountains (filmed from the top). A young man with a dog climbs a mountain, sits by a stone wall, descends from a mountain, drinks water from a stream, and washes. Water pours out of the pipe. View of one of the premises / local power plant /. Water runs in a mountain river. One of the men is sweeping the yard, the other young man is cleaning his sneakers. A panorama from the mountains to the road in the mountains, to the village. The hero of the film tells that the failure in his personal life was the reason that he tried a drug for the first time (per frame). Gazik car drives up to the building of the rehabilitation center, people get out of the car. The hero of the film goes with a bag to the car, gets into it. Men in the courtyard of the rehabilitation center, sitting on a bench. One of the men plays the guitar, sings a song (sync.). The Gazik car drives along the road, the drug addicts who remain in the Center are waving their hands after the car.
И. Zuy
Film ID
rural settlements
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, everyday life
, christianity
, landscapes
Number of Parts
G. Гаврилов
Other Creators
A. Baskakov, N. Tebieva, F. Besaeva, T. Gekker, G. Gorodny
Release Date
Has Sound

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