Buddhists in the Soviet Union

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The film was shot by order of the Spiritual Administration of Buddhists in the Soviet Union. Buryatia. Lake Baikal. Boats on the lake. Ulan-Ude city. Types of streets, buildings. Transport, pedestrian traffic. International friendship club. Pedagogical University. Students in the classroom. Complex Research Institute of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Scientists, historians, philosophers at work: P.I. Khadalov, Pubaev, K.M. Gerasimova, G.N. Rumyantsev. Ancient manuscripts, written monuments of Buddhist culture. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Professor V.R. Filippov at the operation. Opera and Ballet Theatre. Fragment of the ballet "Beauty Angara". L. Sakhyanova is dancing. Production processes at the steam locomotive plant, Petrovsko-Zabaikalsky metallurgical plant. Turner BS Battsev at work, at home. Borgoy livestock farm. A flock of fine-wool sheep in the pasture. Chaban B. Dabaev at work. Preparing an agricultural aircraft for flight. Airplane in the air. Collective farmer's apartment. Family at the table. The boy is cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Ivolginsky temple. The head of the USSR Buddhists Bandido Lama Yeshi-Dorzhi Sharapov talks about the history of the temple (synchronously), preparing for the service. Solemn service "Gandan-Khural". Threshing floor-Ozersky temple. Aginsky temple. The abbot of the temple Did Lama Zhambal-Dorzhi Gomboev. Worship of Buddhists on a hill near the village of Tarsurkhai. Rite of passage "Obo". Buddhist temple in the city of Leningrad. Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow. Sculptural images of Buddha. 1955 year. Conversation of the Prime Minister of the Union of Burma U-nu with Khambo Lama Darmaev. 1956 year. Meeting of Cambodian Prince Norodom Sihanouk with Bandido Khambo Lama Sharapov. 1958 year. Buddhist priest from Ceylon, peace fighter Sarankara Thero in the Kremlin. 1959 year. Visit of the President of the World Brotherhood of Buddhists and President of the Nepalese Buddhist Society "Dharmodaya Sabha" Bikhu Amritananda. Meeting of the bikhu Amritananda with Khambo Lama Sharapov, visiting the Gusino-Ozersky temple, the Telman collective farm. Reception in honor of Bikhu Amritand at the Prague restaurant in Moscow. Among those present: Yu. N. Roerich, [A. I. Sofronov]. 1959 year. Marriage in one of the registry office of the city of Moscow of the daughter of the Ambassador of Ceylon Malala Seker Anoma with Mr. Dudley. Wedding reception at the Ceylon embassy. Among those present: V. A. Zorin, Yu. N. Roerich, Khambo Lama Sharapov. Buryatia. 1959 year. Celebrations in honor of the 300th anniversary of the voluntary entry of Buryatia into the USSR. Sports festival at the stadium. Archery competition. Chronicle footage. Buryatia. Women at the yurts, In the yurt, at work. The woman feeds the children, drinks tea.
G. Topanov
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branch academies of sciences
, standard of living
, state structure
, national sports
, livestock
, theatre
, railway engineering
, population
, political connections
, landscapes
, international connections in the field of religion
, cities
, medicine
, buddhism
, a family
, home life
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