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Plot 1. "REBORN CITY" Belarus, Minsk. Obelisk-monument to the soldiers of the Soviet Army and partisans who died in the Great Patriotic War. Eternal flame, guard of honor near the obelisk. Kirova street. Building of the Faculty of Architecture of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute; panels on the facade of the building. Low-rise buildings on the shore of a reservoir. A building destroyed during the war, preserved among new buildings on P. M. Masherov street. The building of the cinema "Moscow". Passengers enter the metro, walk along the platform. The subway train is approaching the platform. View of the metro station "Victory Square". Military newsreel footage of 1944-1945: destruction in Minsk, local residents dismantling rubble, building a brick building; plate with the inscription: "Kirov Street". Plot 2. "TO PRESERVE AN INCREDIBLE LOOK" Ukraine, Odessa. The building of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. People are walking along the boulevard. The Potemkin Stairs. Memorial of the heroic defense of Odessa 411th coastal battery. Military vehicles, military artillery on the territory of the memorial. Memorial Odessa catacombs, s. Nerubayskoe. Commemorative plaque with the inscription: “Here in the catacombs of the village of Nerubayskoye in 1941-1942. there was an underground camp of a partisan detachment under the command of the Chekist Hero of the Soviet Union VA Molodtsov-Badaev, who successfully operated behind enemy lines. Sculptural group "People's Avengers". The streets of the town. Stucco molding on the building. The building of the hotel "Passage". This is a modern multi-storey building. On the first floor of the building there is a sign of the "Kino Photo Clock" store The new district of the city is the village of Kotovsky. Pharmacy. Girls swing on a swing in the yard. Obelisk to the Unknown Sailor. Military newsreels 1941-1945; destroyed buildings of Odessa, a tram passes near a street barricade, a poster with the inscription: “Workers of sunny Odessa! Increase productivity, discipline and organization! Everything for the front! Everything for the victory over the hated enemy! ”; local residents are building a barricade. partisans leave the Nerubai catacombs. Plot 3. "MEMORIAL BATTLE OF STALINS" Panoramic museum "Battle of Stalingrad". Museum interior, stairs, lamps. Visitors near the museum. A schoolboy examines the panorama in the museum hall. Triumphal Hall with the victory banners of the Soviet troops. Gallery of portraits of heroes participating in the battle. Military newsreel footage of 1942-1945: destroyed Stalingrad; type of leaflet “Don't step back!”; explosion of a building; street fight, sculptural group of children in a round dance; tanks, artillery pieces on the battlefield. Plot 4. "ARCHITECT VICTOR EGEREV" Architect VS Egerev speaks about the 40th anniversary of the Victory (synchronously). The sketch of the building of the railway station in Stalingrad is the diploma work of V.S. Yegerev. V.S.Egerev at the defense of his graduation project (photo). The building of the Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren on the Lenin Hills (architect V.S. Egerev with a team of authors). The project of the building of the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (architect V. Yegerev). TASS building; traffic in front of the building. VS Yegerev in the studio talks about the work on the project of the Monument in honor of the victory of the Russian army at the Kursk Bulge (synchronously). Architect Viktor Sergeevich Yegerev during the war (photo portrait). War newsreel 1942-1943: the battle at Stalingrad, artillery guns are firing, explosions on the battlefield.
Film ID
urban transport
, cinemas
, trade
, architecture
, museums
, villages
, second world war (including the great patriotic war)
, professional education (higher)
, theaters
, cities
, sculpture
, consumer services
Number of Parts
Other Creators
Consultants A. Shaikhet, Y. Grigoriev, M. Mironenko, V. Maslov, author of the text B. Zagryazhsky, editor E. Ulyanova, director of the journal N. Zhuravlev
Release Date
Has Sound

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