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The newsreel consists of four plots. 1st plot. MEDAL FOR BATTLE, MEDAL FOR LABOR. Moscow city. Architect E.A. Pershanin approaches the building of Hydroproject. E.A. Pershanin's office; there is a plaque on the door with the inscription: "Deputy Chief Engineer - Chief Architect of the Institute Evgeny Alekseevich Pershanin" E.A. Pershavin in his office at work. Hydraulic architects are working behind a drawing board. E.A. Pershanin looks through the sketches of the dam. Newsreel footage of Moscow 1930-1940: the tram passes along the street, passengers at the stop, the tram passes near the Bolshoi Theater, the ground building of the Moscow metro station "Kirovskaya", the building of the station "Kropotkinskaya". The building of the Moscow Architectural Institute. A photograph of E.A. Pershanin in military uniform. Military newsreels: a column of soldiers is walking along the highway; a battle on a city street; explosion of a house; the house is on fire. Newsreels: hydroelectric dam, spillway. Sketches, photographs of hydraulic structures. Kasnoyarsk Territory. View of the Ust-Ilimsk hydroelectric power station. Turbine hall. Hydroelectric power station control panel. 2nd plot. AESTHETIC AND RATIONALITY. Estonia, Võru. Modern buildings of a medical complex for a regional hospital in a pine forest in winter. Winners of the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for 1984, the author's group of the Võru Central Regional Hospital project under the leadership of H. Kingo and the chief physician of the hospital H. Kalve in the workshop. Hospital building sketch. Main building view. Sign in Russian and Estonian: “Ministry of Health of the Estonian SSR. Võru Central Regional Hospital ”. Cloakroom, foyer, hospital corridor. Doctor and nurse in the office. Basement, where communications are located. Household and infectious diseases building of the hospital. Patients in the ward. A group of doctors leaves the elevator, enters the ward, examines the patient. General view of the hospital. 3rd plot. URBANOSCOPE. Moscow city. Research Institute of Building Physics. A type of laboratory in which researchers are engaged in lighting and color scheme of the living space. Laboratory staff view the layout of the city block on the TV screen. O.A. Korzin, a candidate of technical sciences, an employee of the institute, talks about his device, which allows you to see the layout from the inside (synchronously). Separate elements of the urbanoscope: compact television camera; a special optical device that allows you to lower it to its real height on the layout. The device moves along the layout. 4th plot. RESTORATION OF NOVODEVICHYE. View of the Novodevichy Convent. Restoration work (photo). Mariinsky living chambers after restoration. Internal view of the premises of the chambers. Restoration work at the Irininsky Chambers. Builders and restorers are working. Chimney system for the monastery kitchen. Refectory on the territory of the monastery. Cathedrals of the monastery.
M. Blekhman, D. Fedorovsky
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medical services for the population
, science
, urban transport
, energy
, architecture
, christianity
, theatre
, professional education (higher)
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D. Fedorovsky, O. Fedotov
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