Building and Architecture Number 10

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Plot 1. FAIR OF IDEAS. Autumn, Moscow, International Fair of Scientific and Technical Achievements in Construction. NDP at the stands of companies from different countries, visitors see the exhibits. Pavilions of VNPO "Fundament", "Soyuzkurortstroy". Demonstration of the operation of the heating system built into the roof of a residential building. Plans, sketches of rural houses. Reference and information center of the exhibition. Pavilion "Interstroyprogress". Closing press conference. Plot 2. ON STEEL ROPES. Tbilisi, construction of a new microdistrict. Building houses using a new method - building houses with a pre-stressed frame. Builders secure the panels with high-strength steel ropes, jacks pull the steel strings. NDP for new multi-storey buildings. Plot 3. HISTORICAL CITIES OF MOSCOW REGION. Summer, Zagorsk, buses "Intourist" on the square in front of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Types of the monastery. Zvenigorod, Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery, a panorama of the monastery buildings. A visiting plenum of the Board of the Moscow Organization of the Union of Architects in Kolomna. Speech at the plenum of the chairman of the Moscow organization of the union of architects I.G. Biryukov, chief architect of the region B.V. Lunkov, representative of the Moscow diocese, archpriest A. Gannaba. Streets of Kolomna, Kremlin walls. Schoolgirls walk down the street past wooden houses, a temple. The house in which there are "Pelmennaya", "Cookery". Wooden houses, a church, in the foreground - a river. Sunset on the river, high-rise buildings in the background. The chief architect of Kolomna V.A. Kleimenov talks with representatives of the city council, discusses with them the layout of the new building of the city. Plot 4. FOR GZHELI MASTERS. Winter, Ramensky district, a truck drives along the road past the village of Trashkovo. - a wooden house with carved platbands. The truck drives past the church. The building of the association "Gzhel", Poland on the buildings of the association. Work in workshops, craftswomen apply patterns on dishes and other items. Construction of cottages by order of the Gzhel association. Central Research and Design Institute named after Mezentsev, competition for the development of the center of Gzhel, architects at drawing boards. Architects A. Lebedev and G. Shitova - the authors of the best projects - at work. Layouts, sketches of future buildings, created taking into account the traditional Gzhel paintings. NDP for the products of the Gzhel association.
V. Gordon, V. Toropov, K. Rovnin, V. Rusakova, V. Russ, P. Tartakov, M. Blekhman
Film ID
road transport
, architecture
, building
, exhibitions
, residential houses
, christianity
, villages
, construction industry
, cities
, improvement of settlements
Number of Parts
V. Gordon, V. Toropov, K. Rovnin, V. Rusakova, V. Russ, P. Tartakov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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