Building and Architecture Number 6

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. A complex approach. Views of Kaluga, the Oka river, the bridge over the Oka, one of the central squares with an obelisk, a public garden. View of one of the central streets; the movement of trolleybuses on the street. The movement of road transport on the highway. View of the Cathedral. The architects of Kaluga are discussing the city's development plan, examining the models of residential buildings of modern architecture. Construction of residential buildings in a new area of the city. General view of the construction site. Surveyor, bricklayer at work on construction. View of one of the houses of modern architecture. General view of the school building in the new microdistrict of the city. Architect Kireev draws sketches of new houses on one of the city streets. 2nd plot. Savoy. View of the Savoy Hotel building in the center of Moscow (1812, architect Velichkin). External and internal views of the hotel building. Yugoslavian architect Omar Berber and Moscow architects are discussing in the studio a plan to restore the original appearance of the Savoy Hotel building. Types of hotel interiors after restoration and restoration work carried out jointly by Moscow and Yugoslav architects. Internal view of the halls of the hotel restaurant. 3rd plot. House on rubber cushions. Views of Moscow (filmed from the top point). The movement of a train of the Moscow metro on the open participation of the metro. Men use special devices to register the vibration from subway trains in the exclusion zone. An employee of the Central Research Institute of Building Materials and Structures is testing a vibration isolator made of special rubber. General view of Independence Avenue in Minsk. The movement of trolleybuses along the avenue. View of the building of the Catholic Cathedral of Simeon and Helena. Train movement of the Minsk metro. General view of the engineering building of the Minsk metro with vibration protection on replaceable rubber shock absorbers on Independence Avenue. 4th plot. Krutitsy courtyard. General view of Moscow, the Moskva River, the Krutitsky courtyard on the embankment of the Moskva River (in the past, the Krutitsky courtyard was the residence of the Moscow metropolitans). View of Krutitsky lanes. Restorers at work on the restoration of ancient buildings on the territory of the Krutitsy courtyard. View of the restored buildings: the metropolitan chambers, the Assumption Cathedral, the tower with the holy gates (18th century).
V. Sudeikin, V. Vyrubov, K. Kasumov, G. Chubakova
Film ID
urban transport
, economic communications
, yugoslavia
, automobile transport
, metro
, architecture
, building
, christianity
, water transport
, cities
, monuments of history and architecture
, consumer services
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V. Vyrubov, K. Kasumov, E. Olshevskaya
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