Bukhara - Ural

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Construction of the second stage of the Bukhara-Ural gas pipeline. Moving people and equipment to a new construction site in Karakalpakstan. View of the Ustyurt plateau. Foxes, saigas, lizards. Off-road driving of tractors, cars, excavators and other equipment. Search for the missing car from the plane. Sunrise in the steppe. Life in the town of builders in the steppe: a view of trailers, a doctor examining a newborn child, a Komsomol wedding. Construction work for the gas pipeline. View of the gas pipeline on the Aral Sea. Shore of the Aral Sea. Presentation of diplomas to builders upon completion of work on the Ustyurt plateau. Moving equipment to the north, to the Urals. Sunset, rainbow. Night welding of pipes. Arrival to the builders of artists and sculptors from Chelyabinsk. Artist and sculptor at work. The passage of vehicles through the swamps. Rain on the track. The chief engineer of the project is V.I.Shpakovsky. Winter in the Urals. Snow blizzard on the Amu Darya river. Forests of the Southern Urals. Rest of builders in the forest in summer. Bridges. Meeting of builders in Chelyabinsk. The last joint of the gas pipeline. Inauguration of the gas pipeline. View of the metallurgical plant, open-hearth shop of the plant.
M. Arabov
Film ID
medical services for the population
, road transport
, metallurgy
, rewarding
, air transport
, everyday life
, animal world
, pipeline transport
, landscapes
, sculpture
, painting
Number of Parts
A. Mirumyan, S. Nishankhedjaev
Other Creators
Script R. Grigoriev, text L. Braslavsky, sound by Y. Sboev, Z. Markin, music producer L. Zelenskaya, speaker S. Bogomolov
Release Date
Has Sound

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