Burglary Friendship

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Types of New York: streets, buildings. The building of the New York Stock Exchange. Landscapes of the American desert, Bedouin auls, a camel caravan goes through the desert. Members of the American Peace Corps are building houses in one of the African states, treating the sick, and working with children. Arrival in the capital of South Korea - Seoul, American General Taylor. Dispersal of an anti-American demonstration in Seoul. US Marine Corps Soldier Training. Launching of the American submarine Thresher. Submarine dive. Landscapes of the Congo. View of one of the villages. Extraction of cobalt in mines. Liberation war of the Congolese people: guerrillas march through the jungle, fighting the mercenary soldiers of the colonial regime. The US war in Vietnam: the delivery of American soldiers by plane to Vietnam, the fighting of American troops against the civilian population of Vietnam. Demonstration of protest against the Vietnam War in New York. Overclocking the demonstration. Anti-racist demonstrations of the black population in Los Angeles. Liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people: soldiers of the People's Army firing machine guns, attacking the positions of the Americans, shelling the positions with artillery guns.
А. Medvedkin
Film ID
social and political movement
, mining industry
, nature
, political connections
, navy
, wars and conflicts of the second half of the xx century
, cities
Number of Parts
A. Popova
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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