Burning Heart

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The film tells about how to act in case of a fire in an apartment. The film uses staged shooting. I part. View of one of the city apartments: a festively laid table, a poster "Vyacheslav Gusarik" on the wall, a bookcase, an icon, an Orthodox cross, a plate with painted Easter eggs. The man sings, plays the piano, the guitar (synchronously). The doorbell rings (off-screen), a woman is standing on the threshold of the apartment, a man smiles at her, they laugh, kiss. He says that he is 40 and has a new romance, begins to play the piano (sync.). Piano keys and notes. A woman in front of a mirror applies makeup, pin her hair. A man reads poetry (sync.), Takes out a detector and a book in English "Fire in your home" from a bag of smoks. wedding, but confused apartment. Toastmaster plays the harmonica and guitar (sync.). Part 2. The master of ceremonies on one of the wall collages makes a heart out of cotton wool, moistens it in a glass of vodka, connects the wires and sets it on fire. The fire spreads rapidly throughout the apartment. The apartment is in smoke. Residents of the house are evacuated by stairs. Fire alarm sensor. View of an apartment filled with fire-fighting foam.
G. Fedyushchenko
Film ID
rest of the population
, bytgorodskogo population
514,2 м
Number of Parts
N. Sinyaev
Other Creators
Sound engineer - A. Elov
Release Date
Has Sound

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