By the Last Sea

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A documentary film about water problems associated with the industrial development of the Urals. Part I. Dried earth, a factory in the distance. Director of the Institute of Water Problems, Professor A.M. Chernyaev tells (sinhr.) About ecologically polluted rivers and lakes of the Urals, about the dangers of consuming poisoned water. Biologists are studying the flora and fauna of the Pahotka and Techa rivers. Water purification works at the filtered station. A littered river, factory chimneys are smoking. A man washes his car on the bank of a pond. Dam on the Iset River. Water drain from the pipe. Kasli lakes. Kasli casting: sculpture based on Bazhov's fairy tales. A man measures micro-roentgen per hour on the banks of the Techa river. Part II. A resident of the village of Muslyumovo Gasman Kabirov talks about his life and the life of fellow villagers (sync.) On the radioactively contaminated land, shows photographs of mutant children. A ruined house, a river, a village in the distance, a well, a chapel. Laboratory for the study of water quality. Laboratory staff give interviews (sinhr.). Workers at the drilling rig, driving off a drinking water delivery vehicle. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Honored Ecologist of Russia V.V. Rusanov talks about the task of preserving the ecosystem, about the protection of reservoirs (sync.).
A. Morozov
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, water use
, rural settlements
, water supply
, ecology
, water industry
, animal world
, landscapes
, vegetable world
, cities
, biology
Number of Parts
V. Zagorodskikh
Other Creators
Sound engineer A. Gromov
Release Date
Has Sound

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