By the River

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A film about teenagers selling fish caught in forbidden places, selling kittens and puppies at the poultry market. The film was shot by observation. The authors warn of the harmful effects of poaching on adolescents. Kuibyshev region Forest, meadow on the hillside. Roe deer in the forest. Hawk in the air. River, rocky shore. The hydrofoil is sailing along the river. Young people are dancing on the dance floor. The movement of cars and trucks on the highway. Cars pass along the highway at the dam of the Zhigulevskaya HPP. Teenagers with fishing rods go to the dam. On the bank of the river there is a poster with the inscription: “STOP! FORBIDDEN AREA OF FISHERIES RULES. TO MORKVASHINSKY DOK FINE 50 RUBLES ". Teenage poachers fish in a forbidden place near the dam. Male poachers fish from a boat near the dam. The teenager hits the caught fish with his head on a concrete slab. Teenagers sell the caught fish to car drivers on the side of the road. A man is fishing from a high rocky shore. Fishery inspector on a boat swims up to the dam. Fishermen scatter in different directions. The police put the poacher on the bus. Fishing rods and knives confiscated from poachers lie on the pebbles. The fishery inspector draws up a protocol. Policemen are standing near a motorcycle with a sidecar; two buses with poachers are passing along the road. Dead fish on the shore in the river. The fish is choking on the shore. Fish in a bag on the shore. A teenager stands next to the store next to the men who are packing bottles of vodka into their backpacks. View of the river station in Togliatti. General view of Togliatti from above. A trolleybus is going by. Passers-by on the streets. Bird Market. Teens sells puppies and kittens. The woman is selling a kitten. A schoolboy and a woman are selling puppies. The militiamen put a drunk young man into the car. Poachers trial. Teenagers in the courtroom. The judge talks about the detrimental effect of poaching on adolescents (sinhr., Offscreen). Listening to teenagers in the hall. Parents with children at the zoo. Swans, ducks in the pond. Polar bear in a pond. Penguin near the reservoir. Pelicans in the pond.
М. Serkov
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, urban transport
, hydropower
, court
, automobile transport
, private trade
, public facilities
, river transport
, fish farming and fishing
, animal world
, river fleet
, landscapes
, militia
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Fedotov
Other Creators
Sound engineer V. Popov, editor B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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