Bykovskie Watermelons

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Watermelons on the plantations. Collective farm market. Watermelon trade. The seller of watermelons tells (synchronously) about the cultivation of watermelons. They talk about new technologies for growing watermelons, chief agronomist of the Panshinsky state farm in the Volgograd region, AI Leus, director of the Bykovskaya experimental melon plant, AI Shatrykin (synchronously). Irrigation canal in Turkmenistan. Workers of the breeding station check the sugar content of 4 varieties of watermelons. Uzbek workers weed watermelons, children chain them into a container. Former breeder of the Bykovskaya station DG Kholodov talks (synchronously) about the harvests of watermelons in the Volgograd region in the 20s. DV Fedorov speaks (synchronously) about the peculiarities of melon growing in the Astrakhan and Volgograd regions. Herson city. Kherson cannery. Manufacturing processes. Say (synchronously) an employee of the Moldavian Research Institute of Food Industry A. A. Silich about the problem of using watermelon juice, the chief physician of the All-Union sanatorium "Bayram-Ali" in Turkmenistan MN Nazarov about diet therapy. Harvesting watermelons. They're driving cars loaded with watermelons. The machine operators are plowing the field with unharvested watermelons.
V. Serobabin
Film ID
automobile transport
, food industry
, spa assistance
, collective farm trade
, agricultural sciences
, reclamation
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V. Krasnov.
Other Creators
Sound - A. Geraskin
Release Date
Has Sound

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