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Visit of the delegation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR to Canada: D.S.Polyansky, Khomyakov, Melnik, O. Gonchar, I.F.Sinitsyn, A.V. Georgiev, A.D.Danyalov, Ambassador of Canada to the USSR R. Ford in the aircraft cabin ... Canadian parliamentarians meet the Soviet delegation at the Ottawa airport; members of the Soviet delegation at a meeting with speakers of both chambers of the Canadian parliament, with Canadian Prime Minister L. Pearson, Foreign Minister P. Martin. The Soviet delegation in wheat fields in the province of Manit both, in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, visiting a farmer in British Columbia, at a dairy plant near Vancouver. Views of Montreal. Soviet ship "Alexander Pushkin" in the port of Montreal. Exhibits of the "EXPO-67" exhibition. Types of Toronto. The Soviet delegation at one of the factories of the Ford company; examines Niagara Falls. USSR Ambassador to Canada Shpedko receives a Soviet delegation at the embassy (Ottawa). The Soviet delegation visiting the city of Leitbridge and its experimental agricultural station; attend a rodeo. DS Polyansky and Canadian Prime Minister L. Pearson sign the Soviet-Canadian agreement on the establishment of direct air traffic (Ottawa). The Soviet delegation and members of the Canadian parliament during the farewell at the airport.
V. Boykov
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economic communications
, food industry
, sea transport
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, landscapes
, diplomatic relations
, automotive industry
, air transport
, plant growing
, national sports
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I. Bessarabov
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