Capse Yakutia

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The shepherds are driving the reindeer herd. Fishermen are pulling a net with fish. Children who fly to school to study sit in the helicopter. Schoolchildren in the classroom, school museum. Director of the Institute for Cosmophysical Research and Aeronomy, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Yu. G. Shafer and the staff of the Institute in the laboratory. Grain and vegetable harvesting, hay harvesting. Livestock farm. Udachnaya pipe diamond deposit. Open pit mining, transportation of kimberlite ore to the concentrator. Types of diamonds. Says (synchronously) one of the discoverers of the Yakut diamonds V. Shchukin. Gold mining in the Aldan River. The dredge is working. Gold-bearing rock is poured into the car body. The head of the Lena Shipping Company VM Dubrovsky says (synchronously) about navigation on the Lena River. A rocket, a barge, a tanker are sailing along the Lena River. Construction of the Vilyui hydroelectric power station. Interview with the builders of the hydroelectric power station, student trainees. Architect Chebotarev talks about housing construction in the Udachny settlement. City Mirniy. The architect shows a model of the future city with transitional covered galleries. Interview with residents of Mirny, People's Writer of Yakutia S. O. Sivtsev (synchronously). Items of the Yakut folk life.
V. Khomenko, T. Chirkova
Film ID
extractive industry
, science
, energy
, fishing
, school education
, architecture
, livestock
, river transport
, everyday life
, literature
, agriculture
, astronomy
, air transport
Number of Parts
A. Stremyakov, N. Savvinov, E. Korzun
Other Creators
Script N. Gabyshev, A. Mendeleev, sound L. Vereninov
Release Date
Has Sound

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