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Caspian Sea. Astrakhan natural reserve. Flamingos walk on water, fly over water. Astrakhan fisheries. Packing of black caviar. Loading and unloading operations in the Astrakhan port. Harvesting apples, lemons and grapes in Dagestan. Tiger in subtropical thickets. Seal fishing. Extraction of mirabilite at the Kara-Bogaz-Gol lake. Packing cotton into bales. Camel caravan in the desert. Water holiday in Baku. Museum of Bolshevik Organizations. Museum named after Nizami. Cinema named after Nizami. Upland Park. Pedestrian traffic. Buildings of modern and ancient architecture. Veterans of the Caspian oil fleet at the festive table. Rally at the Baku shipyard. Descent of the ship into the water. Oil fields. Refinery. German newsreels: A. Hitler with the generals at the picture, the waiter puts a cake in the shape of the Caspian Sea on the table, his hand cuts off a piece of cake in the place where Baku is designated, A. Hitler and the generals laugh, German aircraft bombing the Caucasus Mountains. Air battle, a German plane crashes into the sea, evacuation of people and agricultural equipment, people at the pier, railway station, life of the evacuees. Loading operations in the Krasnovodsk port, the soldiers board the ship. The movement of ships with Soviet troops on board. Sending weapons delivered through the Persian Gulf: loading Soviet ships in the seaport of Iran. Loading oil on tankers in the Baku port. A caravan of ships with cargo guarded by military ships and aircraft at sea. Fascist planes in the air. The bombing of the Agamali oglu tanker. Fire bot "Gromov" extinguishes the fire. Inhabitants of the Astrakhan Nature Reserve injured by the bombing. Demining of the Volga River by minesweepers. Artist Lyubov Orlova speaks to soldiers in the Krasnovodsk port. The movement of ships in ice. Storm. Landing of Soviet troops on the Caspian coast. Airborne bombardment from the plane. Secretary of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Azerbaijan MD Bagirov speaks from the rostrum.
G. Alexandrov, N. Bolshakov
Film ID
extractive industry
, the second world war
, economic communications
, oil industry
, sea transport
, fishing farm
, animal world
, shipbuilding industry
, cartage
, vegetable world
, cities
, hunting
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