Cat House

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The film tells about a 19th century estate on Petrovsky Boulevard in Moscow, where the singer A. Petlyura organized a 20th century museum. View of the old houses in the estate. A resident of one of the houses of the estate and members of the art-musical group "White River" sing songs. Visitors look at the exhibits of the exhibition of things of the XX century in the Museum of the XX century. The director of the museum, singer A. Petlyura, is among the visitors of the museum. The organizers of the exhibition are talking in the room (synchronously). A. Petlyura stands in front of the mirror; talks about the museum and exhibits of the exhibition of things of the twentieth century (synchronously). Members of the White River group, organizers of the exhibition of things of the twentieth century, friends of A. Petliura are talking in the room (synchronously), drinking tea, discussing trends in art (synchronously). Cossacks - members of the historical and patriotic association "Great Posad" are talking about the estate on Petrovsky Boulevard (synchronously). Children draw in the room of the manor house. A. Petliura conducts a musical rehearsal; sings songs. Friends of A. Petliura demonstrate avant-garde paintings, show theatrical techniques. Fragments of a concert organized by A. Petliura at the estate. A resident of one of the houses of the estate is talking about herself (synchronously). A. Petlyura is talking with one of the representatives of the Moscow leadership (synchronously). Barricades, military equipment on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment in August 1991. Cross at the site of the death of the defenders of the "White House" on the Garden Ring in Moscow. The territory of the estate on Petrovsky Boulevard.
V. Tokarskaya
Film ID
social and political movement
, out-of-school education
, state power
, leisure
, architecture
, public home life
, local government authorities and institutions
, youth organizations
, cities
, art
Number of Parts
G. Bulkot, E. Kokusev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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