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1 part. Landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains. Fruit picking in gardens, tea on plantations, grapes. Production of weapons, ammunition at factories in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Oil production in the Baku oil fields. Wounded soldiers and officers being treated in hospitals and sanatoriums of the Caucasus. The offensive of the Soviet troops in the Novorossiysk area. Part 2. Burning oil fields in the Grozny region. The commander of the Transcaucasian Front, General of the Army Tyulenev, at the forefront of Vladikavkaz. Inhabitants of mountain auls steal cattle, leave their homes. German Alpine units in the Caucasus Mountains. The cities of Transcaucasia see off the soldiers to the front. Anti-fascist meeting of the peoples of the Caucasus in Tbilisi. Part 3. Fighting of the Soviet troops in the Caucasus mountains. The bombing of the enemy aircraft of the city of Tuapse. Fights on the outskirts of Tuapse. The movement of vehicles along the Georgian military road. Soviet counteroffensive in the Vladikavkaz area. Part 4. Mountain villages destroyed by the enemy. Types of cities: Minvody, Pyatigorsk after liberation from the German invaders. Residents of Pyatigorsk are looking for their relatives among the corpses of civilians. The funeral of the civilians of Pyatigorsk, tortured by the invaders. Part 5. The assault of the Soviet troops of Novorossiysk. The orderly is bandaging the wounded. Meeting of the marines with the ground forces that fought in Novorossiysk. Part 6. Soviet aircraft in the air. Bombardment of enemy columns. Residents of Taman meet Soviet soldiers. The leaders of the military operation in the Kuban and the Taman Peninsula, General of the Army I. S. Petrov and Marshal of the Soviet Union S. K. Timoshenko. The offensive of tank units, infantry. Soviet climbers climb Elbrus. Fireworks in Moscow in honor of the liberation of the Kuban and the Taman Peninsula.
L. Varlamov, Sh. Chagunava
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the great patriotic war
, evacuation
, fuel industry
, combat
, medical service
, cities
, defense industry
, mobilization
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