Celebration May 1 1948

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The film sketch tells about the May Day demonstration of workers in the city of Bratislava (Czechoslovakia). May 1, 1948, Bratislava. A column of demonstrators is walking down the street in the city center. Festively decorated trucks are driving (in the back of one of them there is a large model of a key). Demonstrators stand in front of a building with a portrait of the chairman of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia Klement Gottwald on the facade. A column of demonstrators is gathering, in the 1st row - the demonstrators are holding a banner, flags, in the 2nd - a portrait of K. Gottwald. A column of demonstrators with flags moves along the wide street of Bratislava. A column of soldiers is passing by. K. Gottwald stands with the leaders of the republic, the military on the podium, applauding. The cardboard coat of arms of the Czechoslovak Republic is installed on the car. The townspeople are on the sidewalk, looking at the demonstrators. Military aircraft in the sky. Young people are carrying flags, followed by a column of demonstrators. There is a column of musicians of the brass band. Men in white trousers and shirts are walking, carrying flags. Girls in national costumes are going by in the back of a truck. Demonstrators carry portraits of I.V. Stalin, K. Gottwald, President of Czechoslovakia Edward Beneš, flags of the Czechoslovak Republic, there are girls in national costumes. There is a column of girls, two girls are carrying a cardboard emblem (star, hammer and sickle, braided ears). Military standard-bearers are coming. Girls, children ride in the back of a truck, a model of the globe is in the back. Children with flags are on the sidewalk, greeting the demonstrators. Men carry plywood letters "PSO". Columns of men in raincoats are passing by, waving their hands. K. Gottwald speaks from the rostrum. A group of river workers with flags are standing in the square. Demonstrators in the square applauded. Flags are waving in the square. Young people, embracing, stand in a round dance, young people sway. Columns of demonstrators stand in the square, young people lead a round dance.
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state holidays
, armed forces
, foreignstarny (czechoslovakia)
, music
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