Central Black Earth Region

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The film is intended for demonstration at the lessons of economic geography in the 8th grade of secondary school, dedicated to the peculiarities of the economic and geographical location of the Central Black Earth Region. The film is assembled from film materials. Kursk region, Rylsk. Streets of the old city. The stone house where Peter I stayed. Kursk region. Lipetsk. Open-hearth shop; steelworkers at work. Steel sheet production in the rolling shop of a metallurgical plant. Concentrating plant workshop. The concentrate of ore-pellets is poured into the wagons. Kursk region Gas line laying: crane operating. Pipe winding. Mine in the Kursk iron ore basin; a bucket wheel excavator is working; the breed moves along the conveyor; miners descend into the face; coal is being loaded into railway wagons. Train driver at the management of the train. Ore wagons, wagons of steel sheet coils. Kursk region, Kurchatov. The hall of the Kursk nuclear power plant, the staff in the control room at the control panel. Belgorod region, Stary Oskol. Construction of the Oskol electrometallurgical plant; installers install a metal frame; welders at work. Tambov region Harvesting wheat, working harvester. The machine with grain is approaching the elevator. Mechanized harvesting of beets, beets are poured from the conveyor. Harvesting hemp. Spring melt water erodes the rock; streams form ravines. The process of creating forest land and preventing landslides by mechanized planting of seedlings on the slopes of ravines. Harvesting black currants: the harvester moves between the rows, the girl manually collects bunches of currants. Mechanized harvesting of forage grasses. Tractors with carts loaded with hay drive through the field. Pig complex. The pig operator controls the feed. Cows in stalls, automated milking works. Calves at work. Arzhenka poultry farm. Poultry shop, chickens near the distribution feeder. Worsted factory workshop, a man at the control panel. The loom is at work. Tambov region, Michurinsk. Researchers at the Central Genetic Laboratory named after I.V. Michurin at work. Apple orchards, large apple fruits are the result of the selection of scientists. Tambov region, Zherdevka. Production shops of the Zherdevsky sugar plant; employees at the control panel, granulated sugar is poured, packaging of finished products. Central Black Earth Region. Researcher of the plant breeding complex "Fitotron" examines young shoots of grain crops. G. Tambov. Streets of the old city, the building of the hotel "Tambov". G. Voronezh. The central streets of the city: a monument to Peter I in Petrovsky square, a monument to I.S. Nikitin on Nikitinskaya Square, a monument to A.V. Koltsov on Soviet Square. Voronezh University building. The production process in the shop of the Voronezh Aviation Plant. Detail of the Tu-144 aircraft. Workshop of the Electrosignal plant; plant specialists for the assembly of parts. Production processes in the shops of the television factory "Electronics". G. Kursk. Streets, squares, new buildings of the city. Children play in the playground in the courtyard of a multi-storey building. Monument-memorial in honor of the victory of the troops at the Kursk Bulge, an eternal flame burns. Public transport movement. Workshop of the Instrument-Making Plant; specialists at work at the panel of the device.
N. Pimenova
Film ID
, extractive industry
, agrobiology
, metallurgy
, nuclear energy
, food industry
, building
, livestock
, textile industry
, aviation industry
, electronic industry
, natural disasters
, agriculture
, cities
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There is no data
Other Creators
L. Zorkina, Scriptwriter L. Fine-Hirsch, Editor L. Fine-Hirsch, Consultant, Candidate of Geographical Sciences I. Kantsebovskaya
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Has Sound

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