Chain of Life

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Activities of the Finnish Red Cross and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the USSR. Loading goods for dispatch to victims of natural disasters and catastrophes in the port of Helsinki and at the warehouse of the Red Cross in Moscow. Employees of the Finnish Red Cross participate in forest planting in Ethiopia, conduct medical examinations of Ethiopian children affected by drought and hunger, and provide medical assistance to residents of an Ethiopian village. Finnish and Soviet Red Cross activists collect medicinal herbs. Hospital of the Soviet Red Cross in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia); carrying out a surgical operation in the operating room of the hospital. Soviet specialists are conducting classes to train junior medical personnel from the local population. Ethiopian family at lunch. A visit by representatives of the Finnish Red Cross to those living in a nursing home in the city. Helsinki; patronage sisters of the Soviet Red Cross - veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Exercises to provide first aid to victims of a car accident on the highway in Turku. Latvia. Classes with kindergarten children on the rules of the road, behavior on the street. The doctor conducts first aid classes with residents of a Georgian village. Training in heart massage on the Vitim simulator, created by Soviet scientists. Donor points in Finland and the USSR.
V. Katanyan, K. Hollemberg
Film ID
public organizations
, international connections
, everyday life
, health care
, educational work for the middle of the population
, forestry
, preschool education
, social security
Number of Parts
V. Nikonov
Other Creators
Screenplay by V. Katanyan, sound by I. Gunger
Release Date
Has Sound

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