Chechen Gambit

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The film tells about the Chechen war, about the Chechen village of Shali. The following filming was used in the film: Part 1: Panorama over the mountains, around the village of Shali (filmed from a mammoth); the movement of a freight train with oil tanks; panorama of the sleeping riot police, one of the soldiers is singing (sync.); a soldier looks through binoculars from a dugout, another soldier is having lunch, a helicopter is flying over the mountains, tanks are standing; Chechen police officers disperse people on Shali Square, one of the OMON fighters is talking to a policeman, a tank with soldiers is driving along a rural street, explosions are thundering on the streets of the village, a panorama of a herd of cows on the road, planes and helicopters in the sky, tanks are firing from guns, military actions in the village of Argun and Shali with the participation of soldiers of the active army, riot police and militia from the village of Shali; a panorama of the market, tanks with riot policemen are driving through the village, Chechen children are on the street; a resident of the village of Shali Bodrudi Musliev talks (sync. and behind the scenes) about his family, about the situation in the village in connection with the hostilities, about his participation in hostilities. Part 2 Tanks are standing in the village of Shali, a local woman is talking to one of the riot policemen, tells (sinhr. and off-screen.) about his attitude to the Chechen war; the prisoners stand against the wall; fighters disembark from the car; general view of one of the checkpoints, the military is checking documents, trucks are driving, women are walking, children are standing, looking at soldiers with machine guns; a panorama of the village of Shali, a view of the central square of the village; a resident of the village of Bdrudi Musliev says (sync. and behind the scenes.) that the Chechen people, in their bulk, want a normal, calm life and legal power; riot policemen drive into a village freed from militants, jump to the ground, go around yards, detain one of the militants, militias from the village of Shali pull out a hiding mercenary from the basement; a policeman and riot policemen are leading the prisoners to the car, searching, counting the dollars seized from the militants, putting the prisoners in the car; general view of local residents gathered in the square, riot policemen riding a tank; militants in the mountains, a rocket launcher hits. 3rd part. Panorama of the market in the village / Shali /, one of the traders sells cabbage; view of the building of the local school, the Russian flag over the school building, children are sitting in the classroom at their desks during the lesson; panorama of the mosque, believers in the mosque; tanks with riot policemen are driving along the road, local old men are watching; checking passports at the checkpoint, women sitting on the bus, men getting on the bus; rural children train on a horizontal bar, a woman on the street; general view of the checkpoint in the vicinity of the village, an excavator pulls on a cable and lifts an artillery gun, setting up a gun and a machine gun among the bags at the checkpoint, riot policemen are cleaning their weapons, resting, one of the fighters is strengthening the Russian flag at the checkpoint, a riot policeman with a machine gun is passing by, a panorama of the river the Red Cross flag over the tent; fighters in ambush, one of the fighters sets a mine, a panorama of moving tanks; Omon fighters drive a tank into one of the settlements, go around yards, check sheds and basements, check passports, take prisoner militants hiding in the village; the prisoners stand against the wall; Badrudi Musliev talks (sinhr. And off-screen.) About his friends who died during the Chechen war, local residents talk about their attitude to the war (off-screen.) Part 4: Children on one of the village streets / Shali /, fighters OMON riot policemen are driving a tank, inspecting captured militants, leading the prisoners to the car; general view of the villagers on the square; the arrested militant is led by a policeman to the cell IZ-4/2 in the village of Chernokozov; children play football on the sports ground in front of the school, study on a horizontal bar a general view of the soldier's kitchen at the checkpoint, riot policemen prepare lunch, chop wood, dry clothes on a rope; general view of the village mosque and cemetery; a soldier with a mine detector, checks the banner, military equipment drives past the cemetery, the wounded is carried out of the car on a stretcher, loaded onto the plane; Badrudi Musliev, residents of the village / Shali / talk about the Chechen war (sinhr. And behind the scenes), that the people are tired of the war.
S. Bosenko
Film ID
rural settlements
, school education
, religion
, everyday life
, landscapes
, railway transport
, trade
, combat in the north caucasus
Number of Parts
K. Durnov, A. Kapranov, E. Zheleznov
Other Creators
There is no data
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