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1 part. Landscapes of the Sevastopol Bay. Monuments to the heroes of the Sevastopol defense during the Crimean War. Anti-aircraft batteries are firing at enemy aircraft. German artillery shells the Soviet airfield. Bomb explosions in Sevastopol, destruction of buildings. Return of Soviet aircraft after air combat to the airfield. Pilots on vacation. View of the streets of Sevastopol with destroyed houses. Warships in the port. Hospital in the quarries of Inkerman. Care of the wounded. Making mines in a weapons workshop. View of the Zheleznyakov armored train going on a combat mission. Part 2. Soldiers at the forefront of the defense of Sevastopol. The commanders of the marines are observing the positions of the Germans through binoculars. Units of the Primorye Army under the command of Major General I.E. Petrov take positions next to the sailors. Artillery shelling of enemy positions. A group of military leaders are discussing a military operation. Submarine sailing. Part 3. Soviet submarine at sea. A landing from a submarine after its ascent to the shore. Warships and torpedo boats at sea. Admission to the party of the Red Navy before the battle. The actions of the amphibious assault on the shore. Part 4. A Soviet battleship is firing from guns at enemy batteries. Fire on the deck of the ship. Landing of troops from a torpedo boat. Kind of killed Germans, broken enemy guns. Wounded Red Navy men, captured Germans. Part 5. A squadron of Soviet ships at sea. Extinguishing a fire on a ship. Artillery fire at the enemy. The doctor operates on a wounded sailor. Return of ships to base. Part 6. Performance by a brigade of Moscow artists in front of the defenders of Sevastopol. The Zheleznyakov armored train is shelling enemy positions. The attack of the Red Navy on the enemy, occupy a firing position. Part 7. Explosions of fascist bombs in Sevastopol. Streets of Sevastopol after the bombing. Evacuation of the wounded, women and children from Sevastopol on warships and transports. Infantry attack on the enemy.
V. Belyaev
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, defense awards
, political preparation
, communist party
, air force
, health care
, navy
, combat
Number of Parts
V. Mikosha, D. Rymarev, F. Korotkevich, A. Krichevsky, G. Donets, A. Smolka
Other Creators
Yu. Levitan, D. Astradantsev, V. Kotov, ass. director - A. Evsikov, director - N. Tarasov
Release Date
Has Sound

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