Chernyshevskaya HPP

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View of the river through the trees. There is a hydroelectric power station on the river. General view of the station. Water foam. Welding job. The surveyor takes measurements with a level. Construction work at the station. General view of the village near the station. Trucks are approaching the hydroelectric power station. The driver sits in the tractor cab. A truck with people in the back is driving along the road. The surveyor makes measurements, in the background there is a crane. The girl writes down measurements. The excavator loads the earth into the truck body with a bucket. The boats are at the pier on the river, on the bank of one of them there is an inscription "CHONA". A man floats down the river in a motor boat. A boat is sailing along the river. The men on the boat put on a diving suit on their comrade; the diver goes down the ladder; a helmet is put on him, he is immersed in water. The signalman establishes contact with the diver, talks to him. A motor boat sails along the river past a flooded forest (removed from movement); view of gentle mountains along the banks of the river. Men on the shore are cleaning fish; make a fire; boil fish soup; sing to the accordion. Fishermen sail down the river in a rowboat; put nets.
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, leisure
, automobile transport
, diving
, geophysics
, building
, river transport
, settlements
, water industry
, landscapes
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