Chile - in Struggle Work and Hope

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Chronicle. The struggle of oppressed people for freedom and independence in the jungles of Africa, neighborhoods of Tokyo, Ulster. The police are dragging the man. People are tied up against the wall, corpses are lying on the ground. Explosions, the plane drops bombs in Vietnam. The Chilean people celebrate the victory of the Unity Bloc on Calle Santiago. Quarters of the poor, the rich. Monuments, the building of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Chile. The Pisagua concentration camp in the desert. The candidate of national unity S. Allende among the members of the government on the presidium of the congress, speaks to the people, to journalists. Fields, rivers, ocean, volcanoes, waterfalls, Atacama Desert, Patagonia pastures, Easter Island, stone sculptures of Aku Aku on the island. Mine in the mountains. Mining village. The life of miners in the village of Sevel in the Andes mountains. Chukikamata mine. Copper mining. The work of Chilean specialists at a copper smelter. Huachipato Iron and Steel Works. Chilean miners live in the homes of the rich. Construction of houses for workers. Extraction of saltpeter, oil. Selitrenny plant, oil refinery. Strait of Magellan. Monument to Magellan. The city of Punta Arenos. Sheep flocks in pastures. Shearing. The poverty of the Chilean peasants, the rich estates of the landowners. Rural rodeo holiday, landlords are present. The implementation of reforms in the countryside, the Minister of Agriculture Chonchol, the head of the agrarian reform, Marcello Concha, talks about the reform. Indian tribes. Children in class at school, at recess. They drink milk. Chronicle. Hungry children rummage through the trash heaps. Sick children. Students in the classroom. Luis Corvalan talks about the transformation in Chile. Celebrating the anniversary of Chile's independence.
Yu Monglovsky
Film ID
wars and conflicts2nd half20th
, holidays
, mining industry
, metallurgy
, communist party
, building
, everyday life
, landscapes
, agriculture
, national liberation movement
, cities
, public education
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
V. Khodyakov, Y. Monglovsky
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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