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The fighting of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China against the Kuomintang troops. Battles for cities: Yan'an, I-Chuan, Xian, Lanzhou, Mukden, Kalgan, Jinzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shanghai, Canton, Chongqing, Kunming, Chengdu, Guiyang, Beijing. Residents of liberated cities greet PLA fighters. Liausinsky, Tashansky battles; Manchu operation. A reenactment of the Huanghai battle. Forcing the Yangtze River. Combat training, political and educational work, the life of the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army. The guerrillas mine roads, fire at a Kuomintang detachment, report to the representatives of the command on the operations carried out. The crew of a warship, a group of generals and officers of the Kuomintang army, who went over to the side of the People's Liberation Army. Representatives of the PLA command during meetings, meetings at headquarters, at command posts to discuss military operations. Celebrations in Beijing on the occasion of the proclamation of the People's Republic of China; speech by Mao-Tse-Tung; military parade (October 1, 1949). Meeting at the railway station in Beijing, Ambassador Extraordinary of the USSR to China NV Roshchin (October 10, 1949). The stay in China of the Soviet delegation of cultural, scientific, and artistic workers headed by the writer A. A. Fadeev (1949 - 1950). Meeting of the Central People's Government Council on the ratification of the Soviet-Chinese Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance (April 11, 1950). Meeting of the Military Council, Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Present: Mao Tse-Tung, Zhou En-lai, Liu Shao-chi and others. Beijing city. Peace rally, signing of the Stockholm Appeal. Asian Women's Conference. Celebrating Youth Day. May Day demonstration of workers. Festivities, performances by amateur art groups. Military parade, demonstration of workers to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the proclamation of the People's Republic of China. Shanghai city. A meeting of workers of the 1st textile factory, dedicated to the issue of the Victory loan. City of Canton. The laying of a monument to revolutionary leaders. Classes of students of Peking University, Agricultural Institute, students of the Military-Political Academy of East China, School of Trade Unions. Reconstruction of industrial enterprises, agricultural facilities, railway transport destroyed during the civil war. Smelting metal at a metallurgical plant in Bansi. Coal mining at the Futun Coal Basin. Mining of tungsten ore at the Dayuy mine. Construction of a dam on the Yellow River, a dam and a hydroelectric power station on the Songhua River in Northeast China. Reconstruction of railways, railway bridges. The peasants receive agricultural implements confiscated from the landlords. Agricultural work, work of machine and tractor stations. Kindergartens, schools; meetings of pioneers. Monuments of history, culture, architecture of China: palaces, temples, the Great Wall of China. Paintings. Landscapes of China. Scenes from the performances of the Shanghai Drama Theater. Mao Tse-Tung visits the Likhachev Moscow Automobile Plant during his stay in Moscow in December 1949.
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, cultural connections
, preschool education
, automotive industry
, borbazamir
, higher professional education
, communist parties
, energy
, youth movement
, state holidays
, economic policy
, state structure
, art
, civil war
, school education
, childrens organizations
, international womens movement
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, diplomatic relations
, extractive industry
, political connections
, railway transport
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S. Gusev, V. Mikosha, V. Citron, P. Kasatkin, A. Krylov, V. Kiselev, A. Khavchin, M. Gindin, B. Petrov and others.
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