Chinese Chronicle No 29

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The plane lands at the airfield. Chinese officials welcome guests from foreign countries. Negotiations with representatives of one of the Asian countries. The building of the plant management of one of the machine-building plants. Assembly shop: a worker lubricates the gear; assembly of gears on the shaft; manometers with pressure indicator; sensors. Assembly of the mechanism with the help of [Soviet specialists]. Experts congratulate each other on the successful completion of the work. Soviet actors-puppeteers by bus arrive in one of the villages. They are greeted by local residents. The artists are walking down the street. Chinese pioneers welcome guests. A puppet show on an improvised stage in the street: a scene from a Russian folk tale. The audience is sitting on the street, applauding. Rural field. Tents on the field. A tractor plows the land with a cultivator; tractors plow the border; peasants are planting plants. The boat is sailing on the river: on board the boat, the doctor is talking to a woman; behind the ship is a tied rowboat. The boat comes up to the sailboat. On the sailing ship - [fishermen], among them - a woman with a child. The doctor descends from the boat to the sailboat; listens with a phonendoscope to a child; the baby is crying; the doctor gives the mother medicine; The child is sleeping; the doctor says goodbye to [the fishermen]. The boat is sailing away.
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medical services for the population
, economic communications
, cultural connections
, river transport
, theatre
, childrens organizations
, settlements
, political connections
, mechanical engineering
, agriculture
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