Chingiz Aitmatov

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1h -Blooming garden. Horses. Aitmatov is sitting on a bench. They drive the flock. A fragment from the film "The First Teacher": a crowd, a teacher chopping down a poplar. Chronicle: workers at the construction site of the railway. House of Aitmatov. The girls are dancing. Fragment of the film: "Farewell, Gyulsary". A cart is going, an old man is sitting. 2h - Haymaking. The old man sharpens his scythe. Aitmatov is sitting at a table among the people. Chronicle: soldiers are walking, traveling by train. Meeting of the soldiers. Ismail is building a house. Aitmatov is speaking. 3h - Harvest. French writer Louis Aragon speaking. Cleaning machine, employees in the laboratory. Student Aitmatov in the laboratory. Books and portraits of the writer, awarding him a prize. Aitmatov among the elderly; with Tanabai they are riding horses. Tabushchiks are catching a horse. Aitmatov and Gamzatov are talking. 4h - The herdman plays the komuz. Goat-picking. Among the herders Aitmatov. Aitmatov from Antanioni; with son. A fragment of the film: "The White Steamer": a boy goes to the reindeer. Aitmatov lights a samovar. Scenery. Aitmatov and Tursun-Zade on the terrace. Meeting with Shostakovich. Issyk-Kul. The opening of the monument. 5h - Driving the herd in winter. Presentation of the award to Aitmatov in connection with the 50th anniversary of his birth. American publicist Norman Cousins speaking. Plowing.
V. Vilensky, K. Orozaliev
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, livestock
, poetry
, landscapes
, agriculture
, fiction
Number of Parts
V. Vilensky, K. Orozaliev
Other Creators
R. Vildanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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