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The film tells about the Kuibyshev chocolate factory "Russia" and its director, Hero of Socialist Labor Elena Vasilievna Shpakova. The building of the factory "Russia". Production processes in the workshops of the factory. Assorted sweets move along the conveyor. Boxes with chocolate sets on the conveyor. An employee of one of the shops at the control panel of an automatic line. Women pack the finished products of the factory in boxes. Figured chocolate - chocolate bunnies in a box. Factory warehouse for finished products; An employee on a truck brings boxes of products to the car for loading. Meeting of the collective of the factory. E.V. Shpakova on the podium. Factory director Elena Vasilievna Shpakova is holding a meeting in her office on the results of the implementation of the plan and the sale of products, discussing the problem of packaging (sync.). EV Shpakova walks through the shops of the factory, talks with craftsmen, workers, tries a new variety of sweets. EV Shpakova is talking in her office with one of the young workers - a 4th year student of the correspondence department of the institute (sinhr.). EV Shpakova at home. Column of workers of the Kuibyshev chocolate factory "Russia" at the May Day demonstration. In the column of demonstrators E.V. Shpakova. Women - workers of the factory sing the song "Apple trees and pears were blossoming" (sinhr.). Columns of demonstrators pass through the central square of Kuibyshev past the monument to V. Kuibyshev. Residents of Kuibyshev walk along the Volga embankment. A Volga car is driving along one of the streets.
М. Serkov
Film ID
school education
, automobile transport
, food industry
, state holidays
, cities
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
V. Plotnikova
Other Creators
screenwriter G. Samarin, sound engineer V. Shubin. editor B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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