Choreographic Art of the Peoples of the North Chukchi - Reindeer Herders

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An ethnographic film about the choreographic art of the people of the North - the Chukchi reindeer herders. Chukotka National District, Chaunsky District, July-September, 1974. The film is commented on by M. Ya. Zhornitskaya, Candidate of Historical Sciences. Landscapes: ships sailing on the sea; views of the sea from the window of a house, tundra, lake in the tundra, hills; flowers. Girls perform in a clearing by the sea the stage dance "Aion girls", the Eskimo dance "Chukchanka". The group of the ensemble "Aionochka" performs the dance "Cranes". Fragments of the dances "Ice fishing", "The first rays of the sun", "Fight of deer for the female", "Dance of the deer", "Nerpa", "Partridge - a variegated tail". Chukotka pantomime dance "The Raven". Chukchi impromptu dances on the seashore. Types of new buildings on the site of the old yarangas. The townspeople are on wooden pavements. Fragments of a football match at the city stadium. Spectators in the stands. Airplane in the sky. Kindergarten: children have lunch in the canteen, play outside. The plane lands in a clearing, passengers go to the ground. Members of the Northern Lights ensemble fly into the tundra by helicopter. Girls in national costumes get out of the helicopter. A concert in the tundra in front of reindeer herders: girls sing national songs, dance; man plays the accordion. An elderly reindeer breeder tells a reporter about the holiday, dances. The woman in front of the yaranga processes the skins of deer in the traditional way, makes fire by friction. Children shoot from a bow. National weapons, bone products. View of the extinct sacrificial fires. Chukchi women build a yaranga in the tundra. Women smoke at the yaranga.
A.V. Oskin
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, sea transport
, settlements
, paganism
, preschool education
, artistic activities
, cities
, air transport
, peoples life
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A. Dudov
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