Chronicle of One Summer

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The film tells about the harvesting season at the Kazminsky collective farm, Stavropol Territory, Kochubeevsky District. Rural landscapes. The village of Kazminskoe. The chairman of the Kazminsky collective farm, Alexander Alekseevich Shumsky, talks in the office with a specialist from one of the farms of the Stavropol Territory, Viktor Sviridov, holds a scheduled meeting, talks with machine operators, inspects fields and harvesting equipment, discusses the issue of fodder beets grown instead of sugar beets with members of the commission, speaks at a rally in front of collective farmers (sync.). Former machine operator - projectionist Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Zhivotov sits near the Yaufs with a film in front of the club building, talking about the aeromobile he has assembled (sync.); rides on an air car along the street of the village. Residents on the streets of the village. Harvesting equipment in the fields of the collective farm. A column of trucks with flags and banners with the People's Democratic Party: “TAKE THE HOMELAND KAZMINSKY BREAD!”, “GLORY TO THE KPSS”, “KAZMINIANS HOLD THE WORD” drives along the street of the village of Kazminskoye, drives into the gates of the Kochubeyevsky bakery plant. The workers of the plant are giving flowers to the machine operators.
B. Kustov
Film ID
food industry
, invention
, landscapes
, agriculture
, work
, rallies
, radio communications
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B. Kustov
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