Chronicle of Our Days No 1-2 In the Name of Mercy

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The film tells about the cooperation of Russian and South Korean Relief Societies, about the presence of the South Korean Association "White Stork" in Moscow at the competitions of disabled people and the visit of the Russian delegation to Seoul. Moscow. Spartakiad of children and adolescents in wheelchair sports. Disabled children drive through the stadium, paint on the asphalt. Activists of the Mercy Movement, cosmonauts V. V. Vasyutin, Manakov, Dikul, President of the South Korean Relief Society "White Stork" Mr. Wu Ken De at the Spartakiad. U. Ken De is speaking (synchronously in Korean). Solemn presentation of wheelchairs to children. Children present flowers to the organizers of the Spartakiad. South Korea. Mountains, lake, village on the shore. Mr. Wu Kyung De meets the envoys of Russia in his country residence. Interview with V. Shchitov, Director General of the Foreign Economic Association of Investors "Renaissance" (synchronously). This is Yuri Lee, A. Rogulin (synchronously), U Ken De. Seoul city. Travel around the city. Transport, pedestrian traffic, shop windows, advertising. Mr. Wu Ken De's office. Serving members of the Russian delegation in the office of U Ken De: V. Dikul, M. Derzhavin and others. Sheraton Hotel. Presentation of the international weekly newspaper "Mercy". Guests in the lobby. Check in. Russian delegation: V. Dikul, V. Kovalenok, A. Rogulin, V. Shchitov. Says the president of an international charity newspaper, Mr. Han Man Hee (synchronously). U Ken De welcomes guests. Presidium. Speakers: Han Man Hee, Niikuni Tertsyo, Kim Le Chun, V. Kovalenok (all synchronously). Presentation of honorary diplomas to V. Dikul and I. Tertso. Mr. Khan lights the candles on the cake. Festive dinner.
V. Ramensky
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international connections
, social security
, sports
, public organizations
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