Chronicle of Our Days No 21-22 Roads that We Choose

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The tractor is pulling the jammed machine. Village. Cars are driving on a bad road. Old things market ("flea market"). A drunken salesman sells broken shoes. Gypsy. A freight train is going by. Logs float along the river. Foreign trucks that brought humanitarian aid from Germany. Senator Weide is speaking (synchronously in German). A warehouse with humanitarian aid. Road to Cologne (Germany). Refrigerators are going by. City of Cologne. Catholic cathedral. Ancient houses. Motor ships at the pier. The sign of the Soviet-German forwarding company "Vesotra". Says the head of the firm Geshft-Fuhrer V. Makarov (synchronously). Employees of the company at work. Warehouse with loads. Loading cargo into cars. Checking cars by customs officers. Aircraft of various airlines. Co-founders of Vesotra at a meeting. Head of Soyuzvneshtrans V. Aliseichin at the meeting. Transportation of company goods by rail, sea vessels. Port. Unloading work. P. Galaburda, A. Neuchev, G. Popovich - working in the firm from the Soviet side, at work. Haiger city. The streets of the town. Firm "Praht" - co-founder of firm "Vesotra". Says the head of the company Schutze (synchronously in German). Warehouse with company goods. Tracking monitor. Employees of the company at the computers. The city of Luben. Embankment, city square. Building of the company "Baltsotra", a subsidiary of "Vesotra", specializing in sea transportation. Head O. Nishbin. Area of Hamburg. Multi-storey buildings. Port. Building of the company. Warehouse. Unloading cargo from the refrigerator. Cargo in the port. Ship "Krasnodon" from Leningrad in the port. Loading and unloading. Entrance to Berlin. Square. City streets. Berlin Wall. Youth resting. Orchestra plays. TV tower. Bus with tourists. Girls in a cafe. Attractions. The artist draws on the asphalt. Office of the Berlin branch "Wesorta" The head of the office A. Krynkin talking on the phone.Cars on the German-Polish border.The girl gives the papers to the drivers.Railway.
A. Yakunin
Film ID
economic communications
, leisure
, customs
, air transport
, sea transport
, cities
, railway transport
, trade
Number of Parts
R. Comm
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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