Chronicle of Our Days No 7-8 First All-Union Referendum

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The issue is dedicated to the I-th All-Union referendum held in different republics, which decided the fate of the Union's existence. Photos of the tragic events that took place in the republics of the Transcaucasus and the Baltic States. Moscow. Unkown soldiers grave. A woman carries flowers to the Eternal Flame. Polling station. The journalist interviews voters (synchronously). Minsk. Eternal flame. Honor guard at the Eternal Flame. One of the streets of Minsk. Construction of multi-storey buildings. Urban transport movement. The Belarusian sculptor is speaking. Referendum ballots in Belarusian. Members of the election commission are working. Residents at a rally near the building of the city executive committee. Posters. Moscow. The rally at Pushkin Square (synchronously). Polling station in Turkmenistan. Turkmen and Russian girls vote. Interview of an old Turkmen man (synchronously). Tallinn city streets. Referendum March 17, 1991 People at the polling station. Voter interviews (synchronously). Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Estonia Ruutel gives interviews (synchronously). Vilnius city. Catholic cathedral. Monument to the victims of the 1989 events. Interview with residents of the city (synchronously). Polling station. Voters are speaking (synchronously). Polling station in Kyrgyzstan. Voters at the polling station. Voter interviews (synchronously). Mikhail Gorbachev's interview with foreign journalists (synchronously). MS Gorbachev and RM Gorbachev at the polling station. Boris N. Yeltsin answers questions from correspondents (synchronously). AN Yakovlev votes, talks with journalists. Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Golovko speaks about the results of the referendum (synchronously).
E. Vermisheva
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social and political movement
, electoral system
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