Chronicle of Our Days No 9-10 Nine Days of One Congress

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Special issue on the work of the III Extraordinary Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR. Moscow. Kremlin. Passage of delegates through the territory of the Kremlin. Photos of Moscow streets during the congress: military equipment on Red Square and the streets of Moscow. subdivisions of internal troops with shields on Tverskaya Street. A police car is going by. People go to the rally. Cameramen are filming. 1st day of the Congress. The deputies are speaking: V. Volkov (synchronously), V. Kurkova (synchronously), A. Klimenyuk (synchronously), A. Tchaikovsky. 2nd day of the Congress. Boris N. Yeltsin is speaking (synchronously). 3rd day of work. Delegates hold a meeting, argue among themselves. Speakers: Chairman of the Commission on Social Policy Zakharov, Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the Supreme Soviet VB Isakova (synchronously), Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR IS Silaev, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR SI Goryacheva (synchronously). Day four. Boris N. Yeltsin is speaking. The delegates of the congress are speaking. Day five. Stands with documents and announcements. Satirical posters. The deputies are in the lobby, giving interviews. Sixth day. Speakers: I. Polozkov, A. Rutskoy. Seventh day. Delegates are speaking, among them Sheinis. Day eight. Speaker Boris N. Yeltsin, S. I. Goryacheva, R. I. Khasbulatov. Day nine. Delegates vote locally. Scoreboard. The hymn is being sung. RSFSR flag.
B. Sarakhatunov
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social and political movement
, higher state bodies
, a television
, internal troops
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