Chronicler of Russia No 1-2 Kaluga Diary

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Snow-covered road in the forest (removed from the passage). Photos of the shopping arcade in Kaluga. Booklets of companies participating in the fair. Fair pavilions. Opening. Director of the fair S.N. Polishchuk speaking. The operator is filming. Stands with computers and TVs. Stroypolymerkeramika brand. Ceramic products. The stand of the TOZTI plant. Factory products. ES Rybak speaks about the products of the plant (synchronously). Stand with pillows and blankets. Houses in the village of the joint-stock association "Erdenevskoe". General Director of JSC "Erdenevskoe" A. A. Skorokhodov receives in his office colleagues from the Egorievsk poultry farm near Moscow. Skorokhodov in Canada (photo). Poultry farm for breeding Canadian turkeys. Turkey carcasses on a conveyor belt in a butcher shop. Federation Council building. A. P. Demichev at the building, in his office, talks about the problem of turkey breeding that arose after the separation of Estonia from the USSR. Electrical substation in the village. Newspapers with articles on reforms, with portraits of Rutskoi. Bank Menatep. The bank's charter on the main directions of its activities. House of A. Skorokhodov. Wife. Dish with turkey on the table. Icons on the bookshelf. Photos of Skorokhodov at different stages of work. Family photos. Children at the school. Old engraving - Optina Pustyn. Landscape of the road leading to Optina Pustyn, shot from the bus window. The gate to the monastery. The icon of the elder Opti on the outer wall of the temple. Monastic walls. The grave of the monks. Elder Eli talks with schoolchildren (synchronously).
V. Tokareva
Film ID
, energy
, orthodox church
, livestock
, everyday life
, finance
, a family
, trade fairs
Number of Parts
G. Zavyalov
Other Creators
Screenplay V. Kramarsky, V. Tokarev
Release Date
Has Sound

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