Chronicler of Russia No 2-3 Peruvian Diary

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Kinoalmanach tells how 30 years ago a Russian rescue team took part in eliminating the consequences of a severe earthquake in Peru. The film includes the following filming: Part 1. Academician R. Anchurin shares his memories of how an expedition was sent from Moscow to Peru to take part in the liquidation of the earthquake consequences, how on July 18, 1970 the Antey plane with members of one of the rescue teams suffered crash over the Atlantic frame.), as well as how Soviet rescuers worked; a former member of the Soviet rescue expedition that worked in Peru, and now the head of the department of the Central Clinical Hospital V. Bashilov is preparing for the operation, surgeons, including V. Bashilov, are performing an operation at the surgical table, V. Bashilov with one of the employees at the tomograph ; E. Markova, an employee of the Russian Airlines medical center, who took part in a rescue expedition to Peru in 1970, oversees the training of one of the pilots on an exercise bike, measures his pressure; Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor L. Syrtsova, who also participated in the rescue expedition in Peru, lectures to the students of the Medical Academy; members of a delegation of former rescuers who arrived at the invitation to Lima, during a tour of the capital of Peru, during a flight to the mountainous region of the Black Cordilleras, where in 1970 there was a camp of Russian rescuers; the view of the grave crosses in the place where the city of Yungai was located, in which almost the entire population perished; among the members of the delegation are V. Bashilov, K. Gadanchan and others. Newsreels: Antey plane in the sky over the ocean, a storm in the ocean, the opening of a monument near the destroyed city of Huaraz in memory of Soviet rescuers who died in a plane crash, laying wreaths and flowers at the monument ; general view of destroyed houses, people left homeless, people are removing rubble, doctors are helping the wounded, vaccinating the population, doing operations. 2 The members of the Russian delegation lay a wreath at the monument in memory of the dead residents of Yungai, the Peruvians pray; General view of the Presidential Palace in Lima, where the members of the rescue expedition were awarded honorary orders for special merits of the Commander's degree; the awards in Lima are presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Fernando Trasegni, and in Moscow - by the Ambassador of Peru to Russia Domingo Da Fieno Gondalfo; among the awardees R. Akchurin and others R. Akchurin at the embassy in Peru in Moscow speaks in response after the award (sync. and for the frame.); former members of the rescue expedition at the monument to the fallen pilots and rescuers at the Novodevichy cemetery, laying flowers at the monument, commemorating the dead; a traditional meeting of former members of the rescue squad in Moscow: rescuers look at photographs, watch newsreels in the cinema, sing (sync.), take pictures. Newsreels: types of consequences of the devastating earthquake in the city of Yungai, survivors in the ruins; Soviet doctors examine the injured residents of various settlements of Peru, affected by the earthquake, provide them with medical assistance; residents of one of the cities present a poncho to a Soviet doctor, kiss him, local musicians play, applause sounds; the return of the Soviet rescue youth medical detachment to Moscow, a meeting of rescuers.
V. Troshkin
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higher professional education
, economic communications
, peru
, medical assistance to the population
, rewarding
, everyday life
, natural disasters
, landscapes
, diplomatic relations
, cities
, air transport
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V. Izvekov, V. Troshin
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