City of Eleven Centuries

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The pianist is playing the piano (synchronously). Sunrise. Morning landscape of Lake Onega. Seagulls over water. View of Novgorod from the river. Birds in the sky. Novgorod Kremlin. May Day demonstration in Novgorod. The Volkhov River. The dance group performs on the embankment. Swimming of single kayaks on the Volkhov River. Among the athletes: V. Stepanov, N. Gruzintseva. Movement of boats on the river. Loading and unloading operations in the port. Construction of a plant for electrical garage equipment. Construction of the Serpukhov-Leningrad gas pipeline. Archaeological excavations in Novgorod. Professor A. V. Artsikhovsky examines birch bark letters, shows them to students. Museum of local lore. Museum exhibits. Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior. Frescoes by Theophanes the Greek in the church. Restoration of one of the temples. Architects-restorers are working. The churches of Peter and Paul, the Savior on Nereditsa and other churches. Sophia Cathedral. Foreign tourists on excursions. Monument to the 1000th anniversary of Russia in Novgorod. Fragments of the feature film "Alexander Nevsky". Newsreel footage of the Second World War: artillery fighting, Soviet troops enter Novgorod, destruction; destroyed monument to the 1000th anniversary of Russia. Obelisk to the liberators of Novgorod who died in battles with the German invaders. Transport and pedestrian traffic. Streets, buildings of the city. The shops. Meeting of war veterans, including - Hero of the Soviet Union II Sergunin. Construction of residential buildings. Vocational school students at work. A guard policeman on a city street. The Andreevs with an order for a new apartment; in the apartment. Foreign tourists in the city. The audience is walking in the park. Exhibition "Novgorod - 1100 years old". The leaders of the city party committee at the exhibition. Malyutin is speaking (synchronously). Members of the youth brigade E. Yarunina at work, taking a practical exam. Concert in the square. The choir is singing (synchronously). Yachts on Lake Onega.
M. Dobrova
Film ID
local government agencies
, the second world war
, cultural connections
, architecture
, artistic activities
, a family
, music
, communist parties
, river transport
, water sports
, state holidays
, pipeline transport
, utilities
, electrical industry
, cinematography
, percussion
, christianity
, professional education
, sculpture
Number of Parts
V. Glass, O. Luchinin
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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