City on Tereke

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The film tells about the capital of the North Ossetian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Ordzhonikidze (present-day Vladikavkaz). New microdistricts of Ordzhonikidze. NDP on the building of the Sunni Muslim mosque on the left bank of the Terek. Reflection of the dome of the mosque in the water. View of the city from the bridge over the river. Private houses within the city. The Terek River, in the background - a snow-covered mountain peak. Monument to G.K. Ordzhonikidze on Freedom Square, House of Soviets. The townspeople are walking across the bridge over the railway tracks, dusk. Power lines on the outskirts of the city. Trams go over the bridge over the Terek. The movement of transport on the streets of the city. Rocks over a mountain river. Extraction of ore in the mountains. Work in the shops of the "Electrozinc" plant, square meters. - the faces of the workers. Ancient buildings in the city center, shop windows. Master - chaser at work. NDP on metal items decorated with chasing. Figurines. Vases with ornaments. Decorations. The cameraman is filming the performance of the folk dance ensemble. Fragment of the Ossetian dance. Monument to the founder of Ossetian literature Kostya Khetagurov. Flower beds on the streets of the city. Students of schools and boarding schools at a ceremonial meeting dedicated to September 1. Young musicians of a military brass band are playing. Schoolchildren are walking with bouquets of flowers. First graders are solemnly passing by. The master tunes the Terek piano. Monument to Soviet soldiers who fell during the Great Patriotic War, the inscription on the pedestal “1942. ETERNAL MEMORY TO THE HEROIC DEFENDERS OF ORDZHONIKIDZE / VLADIKAVKAZA. A woman with children passes by the fountain, in the foreground is a flower bed. Empty carousel in the park. Swans swim in the pond. A woman and a child are feeding the swans. View of the city pond. The janitor sweeps the leaves in the park. View of city streets in the rain. Girls stand under umbrellas at the bus stop. The car is driving along a mountain road. A flock of sheep walks along a mountain road, a horse-drawn carriage rides. Caves in the rocks. Part of the frames without sound - summer, the tram goes along the street, there are pedestrians, a view of the city center.
P. Finkelberg
Film ID
, urban transport
, energy
, road transport
, school education
, population
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, territory
, decorative and applied art
, peoples life
, cities
, improvement of settlements
, sculpture
, gardens and parks
, culture and recreation
, music
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P. Finkelberg
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